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  • Is the DASS 10 as well validated as the original 21 or 42 item version?
    The DASS-10 is drawn from the same item pool as the original DASS, it is therefore assumed that the pychomatric properties of each item are well understood, and were used to select the relevant items. The DASS-10 has been tested for contruct validity, discriminant validity, sensitivty to change, and internal consistency. It has performed well in these analyses. However it is not fair to say that the DASS-10 has the same proven track record as the original versions. We encourage authors to use the DASS-10 in their work and publish psychometric findings to build the knoledge base aroudn this tool.
  • Can I translate the DASS-10 to a language other than English ?
    The fact that researchers and clinicians see value in this tool and are interested in translating it into other languages in both flattering and exciting for our team. There is currently an Urdu version that has been produced with permission, and a Malay version is in development by researchers aroudn the world. Please contact us to request permission so we can ensure that only a single version is being developed in your preferred language.
  • How much to use the DASS-10 in my research / clinical work ?
    Free. Professor Halford and Dr Frost are committed to open science, and the implementation of convenient and brief outcome tools in therapy. Please feel free to use this tool as you see fit, however do not modify it without author permission
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